Announcement on adjusting the basic parameters of the document

Dear XMEX users:

Since XMEX’s one-button copy function was launched, it received good feedback from the majority of users during the public beta. According to the platform’s research, the one-button copy function will be adjusted for basic parameter restrictions tonight. The latest parameter limits are modified as follows:

1. The maximum deposit margin of a single student’s maximum copying order is adjusted from 100USDT to 200USDT;

2. The upper limit of the total deposit margin of students held by a single trader is adjusted from 500USDT to 1000USDT;

3. The maximum number of students a single trader can bring is adjusted from 20 to 50.

XMEX’s one-click copy function greatly reduces the threshold of contract transactions for users. Through the copy function, users will not need to manually open positions and close positions, and do not need to mark the market, they can directly follow the trader to automatically perform contract transactions to achieve profit.

XMEX will continue to provide you with better products and better services!

XMEX reminds you that contract trading is a high-risk investment method. Investors are advised to exercise caution and pay attention to related risks. As a trading technology service provider, XMEX does not assume any responsibility for guarantees or compensation for investment activities.

XMEX team

May 26, 2020



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