XMEX CMO Officially Announced

Dear XMEX users:

On July 6th, the coordinate Hangzhou Hutaoli Music Pub (West Lake Branch), the “CMO Announcement Night · You Have an Appointment” hosted by XMEX, co-organized by Bo Chain Finance and World Chain Finance, perfectly ended, marking 2020 XMEX The CMO series of public campaigns came to an end.

After a fierce competition, Zhitong won among the talents of many currency circles and will serve as the CMO of XMEX exchange.

Founded in the second half of 2018, XMEX is a digital currency derivatives trading platform. Its registered place is Seychelles. It has established complete operation centers in the United States, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and is committed to providing the most professional users worldwide. The smoothest USDT perpetual contract trading service. The excellent technical team coupled with the powerful intelligent engine empowers XMEX to become the biggest dark horse in the cryptocurrency contract market in 2020. At present, the platform has more than 2 million registered users and more than 10,000 daily active users. The daily transaction volume reaches tens of billions, the contract transaction volume ranks fourth on Aicoin, and various data are increasing rapidly.

At present, XMEX is developing well, and has successfully obtained head capital blessings including the cryptocurrency fund Circle Fund and the Swiss investment group Kylin Prime Group, and actively embraced supervision and obtained the US MSB license. , Continue to advance towards the road of “compliance”.

At the event site, blockchain enthusiasts, investment companies, media representatives and other industry giants benefited from the scene and witnessed the development of the king of the XMEX contract and the victory of the CMO. The new CMO and agent representatives of XMEX delivered speeches. The big coffee from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the future and had in-depth exchanges with users.

During the event, XMEX’s new CMO Zhitong shared his winning experience. In addition to expressing his gratitude for his election as CMO, Zhitong said:

The position of XMEX CMO can attract so many people to participate, mainly because the contract has become a new track in 2020, attracting more people to participate.

Zhitong said that the contract is actually an upgraded version of the spot. On the one hand, it is a transaction scenario around the mainstream currency with consensus, which allows users to trade with more confidence. On the other hand, the introduction of contract leverage is, in a sense, an amplification of the spot bull market.

Zhitong said that he has been paying attention to the contract field since the second half of last year. At that time, the contract market was not as hot as it is now. When XMEX was discovered, the platform was still in the trial operation stage. By chance, I knew XMEX. Allen, the person in charge of contract technology, let her understand the huge contract market and the limitations of contract products through Allen. She is also very confident in XMEX’s technical products and has laid down her desire to join this team.

Zhitong talked about his understanding of XMEX products:

XMEX is very good in product innovation, sinking traffic, brand strength and other aspects.

Because XMEX has a strong R&D strength, XMEX has also made a lot of innovations in user experience, and developed a lot of functions that users love. For example, open profit and stop loss, reverse order opening, stepped liquidation, foreign exchange multi-position mode and so on.

XMEX has also built a lot of perfect empowerment systems in the way of sinking. XMEX has always positioned itself as a technology company like Alibaba, treating agent partners as entrepreneurs and using the industry’s strongest technical strength as their Supported by market expansion, XMEX is currently the fourth trading platform in the industry to use fiber optic network services. In order to bring ultra-high transaction fluency to traders, the platform has invested heavily in infrastructure.

Zhitong said that the XMEX platform has also built a very perfect service system, and truly put the service into practice.

Looking ahead, Zhitong said:

Good enough product strength plus strong and perfect service system is the key to the rise of a platform. In the second half of the contract track, Xmex will definitely make everyone shine!

If you choose to join XMEX, you are very confident that you can quickly upgrade xmex’s external brands. With the blessing of brand potential, the XMEX platform can surely rise rapidly.

In the end, all the people who participated in the event with the intention of sharing and exchange were still inexhaustible. In the colorful reception, all the contents of the 2020 XMEX open campaign CMO event were successfully concluded, which also made us look forward to the subsequent development of XMEX.

XMEX operation Team

ital asset users.